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E01 – PINKFLASH Waterproof Easy Eyeliner

Pink Flash Waterproof Easy Eyeliner is Smudge-proof, anti-transfer, will not fade all-day. The waterproof formula is efficiently upgraded, no matter if you are crying or sweating, the color will not fade. It is no longer a single black, but a brown is added.

F04 – PINK FLASH Lasting Matte Concealer

Pink Flash Matte Concealer can effectively cover blemishes such as dark circles/acne/acne scar, make the face light and natural

L01 – PINKFLASH Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick

PINKFLASH Matte Waterproof Liquid Lipstick (L01) ALL DAY MATTE and MOIST LIPSTICK. PinkFlash Liquid Lipstick is highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick

L02 – PINKFLASH Ever Glossy Moist Lip Gloss

Pink Flash Lip Gloss brings long-lasting moisturizing effect to dry lips. After use, the lips are plump. The non-sticky formula makes your lips light and soft.

L05 – PINKFLASH Silky Velvet Matte Lipstick

PinkFlash Velvet Matte Lipstick, realize your dream of being covergirl. Velvet matte texture, matte but not dry, long-wearing color, easy to create stunning and long-lasting matte finish, let you exude an outstanding temperament like a cover girl.

F03 – PINK FLASH Lasting Matte Foundation (20 ml)

PINK FLASH Matte Foundation Pink Flash Matte Foundation gives you natural effects and it lasts for 24 hours, which is my

F02 – PINKFLASH Highlighter & Contour

PinkFlash Highlighter & Contour PinkFlash Highlighter & Contour is a new two colour high-gloss powder, easy to colour, fine powder,

F01 – PINK FLASH Chic In Cheek Blush

Pink Flash Blush is silky-easy powder moves the right balance among a mixed colour a position obvious sheen and a radiant pop of maximum colour.

E08 – PINKFLASH Waterproof Night Mascara (7ml)

PinkFlash Waterproof Night Mascara contains a soft silica gel brush can be used to dip in more mascara without damaging the skin. Brush from root to tip of lashes and coat until the desired look is achieved.

E08 – PINKFLASH Waterproof Day Mascara (7ml)

PinkFlash Waterproof Day Mascara PinkFlash Waterproof Day mascara creates an elongated, micro-curl natural makeup effect. Night Mascara creates 4X volume

T01 – PINKFLASH Oh My Puff Beauty Makeup Sponge

PINKFLASH Beauty Makeup Sponge perfectly fits PINKFLASH’s wish to bring beauty to PINK GIRL from appearance to function.

E01 – PINKFLASH Lock All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

PINKFLASH Waterproof Eyeliner PinkFlash Waterproof Eyeliner is waterproof liquid liner that uses with ease won’t smudge and stays in place until